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Beach Attire - 1918 Mary R. Huettner at Gansett Beach
Nobska Beach Road - 1916. Note high dunes on the right; the beach is now below this road grade and the sand dunes are gone.
Student housing (High Street?) 1916
People at a mixer at the MBL Club. They are turned to see something near the camera.
People talking at a mixer at the MBL Club. Bottom part of photograph obscured.
Small groups talking at a mixer at the MBL Club.
Two men speaking at the entrance to the alcove of the MBL Club during a mixer. Additional people present in the foreground and background.
Man processing collected dogfish by cutting heads off.
Man unloading dogfish from a tuck into a container.
Man standing near doorway of supply house removing heads from collected dogfish. Large pile of dogfish in foreground
Man processing collected dogfish in supply house.
Two men preparing collected dogfish in the supply house.