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Sending her laboratory's engagements for the Biological Lectures for 1903. Includes her address as well.
Talks about a reply to the communication from the Carnegie Committee. Whitman hopes for Conklin's approval.
Discusses financial things between Mrs. Culver and the University fo Chicago and, collaterally, the MBL.
Discusses employment opportunities with Conklin.
Asks Conklin whether he and others plan to support the Journal to be published under Ginn & Co.
Discusses the vertebrates and the invertebrates and their veins.
Says he will eventually announce certain plans he has in mind.
Whitman asks Conklin when he is planning to go to Woods Hole for the summer, as students including Lillie have already arrived.
Talking about collection that offers opportunity for further investigation. Summer course possibility.
Whitman says he has a copy of the proceedings of each trustee meeting.
Asking Whitman to help with Miss Angell's tuition