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About this site

This collection of digital historical materials came from the MBL History Project, which is a collaboration between the MBL and Arizona State University. It includes photographs, videos, correspondence and other documents, annual reports, publications, and exhibits. These help tell a fascinating story about the MBL's historical role in scientific discovery. You can browse collections or search for specific items. Or you can look for people or courses in the database of everybody who has been at the MBL in courses, as registered investigators, and in other roles.  Please let us know of any errors or suggestions using the contact form.

The collection is growing, and we invite you to join us in helping to demonstrate the rich history of the MBL. Please follow us on social media or use our RSS feeds to receive news about people who contribute to the project, improvements to the project, and new content. If you see an item that you like, please share it using the social media buttons at the bottom of every page.

If you wish to search the finding aids for the entire MBL Archival collection, please see our finding aids ( To use collections that have not been digitized, you will need to visit the MBLWHOI Library. Please contact the archivist ( for more information.

The leadership team includes:

Jen Walton, MBL Archivist and Library Director, MBL
Matthew Person, MBLWHOI Library
John Furfey, MBLWHOI Library
Jane Maienschein, MBL History Project Director

The MBL History Project has been supported by:

This website draws on the content in the HPS Repository, which contains thousands of MBL objects that have been digitally preserved using established protocols and metadata standards. The HPS Repository is also connected to a Digital HPS Consortium of projects and shared tools.