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Pettition calling for the Director of the MBL to re-instate Louie Kerr in the Central Microscopy Facility at the MBL.
Handwritten list of lectures for the Embryology course in 1900. List includes lecture topics, some organism information, and some speakers
Handwritten list of evening lectures at the MBL in 1900
Letter from Spence to Trinkaus asking to review Prof. Alberch's work for a promotion to full professor.
Letter to Trinkaus about his report on Professor Alberch at Harvard University.
Letter to Trinkaus about his report on Professor Alberch at Harvard University.
Dolbeau congratulating Whitman for the endorsement of the Biology Department of the University of Chicago
Woodcock expresses his interest to collaborate with Hamburger in investigating the development of the nervous system.
Confirmation of Hamburger's visit for a lecture at Williams College on April 24 & 25, 1975.
On Hamburger's upcoming lectures at Willams College.
Congratulations for the donation
Part of To Francis Otto Schmitt from The Schmitty Verein, May 1941
Letter to Tickle, asking her to get a reference from Trinkaus.
Letter explaining the reference for Cheryll Tickle for a Seesel Fellowship to work in the United States with John Philip Trinkaus; application is enclosed.
Letter to Trinkaus about Cheryll Tickle.
Letter to Trinkaus, thanking him for sending reprints.
Letter to Trinkaus about Michael Abercrombie's 70th birthday.
Letter to Trinkaus about the list of invitees for Michael Abercrombie's Festschrift.
Letter to Trinkaus about a possible symposium volume for Michael Abercrobie's 70th birthday.
Letter to Trinkaus announcing Michael Abercrombie's death.
Letter to Trinkaus about Abercrombie memorial volume.
Letter to Trinkaus about contributing to a special volume for Michael Abercrombie.
Letter to the contributors to the Michael Abercrombie memorial volume.