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Reports on the meeting held on August 24 when the laboratory was transformed into an intercollegiate institution. Describes plans for the future of the institution.
Whitman reports to Conklin that Walter Sonneberg wrote him a few times to discuss evolution. Whitman hypothesizes Sonneberg is looking for evidence to invalidate evolution and Whitman says he must be "a believer in Revelation."
Wants to know whether Conklin is interested in the offer Whitman made.
Letter written in German.
Congratulations to Whitman.
Talks about a visit to an unclear observatory where he met professor Bernard.
Discusses various publications.
Thanks Conklin for the invitation to participate into the embryological section and says "you have forgotten how disloyal I am to embryology."
Whitman replies to Conklin saying that he thinks his plan of delaying the vote won't guarantee unanimity.
Congratulations and wondering if Whitman will include Woods Holl.
Discusses a misunderstanding on some letters that Conklin had sent, of which he apparently had not preserved any copies.
Announces that he will visit Conklin in Philadelphia and states arrival date.