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Accepting Whitman's offer and describing his plans for the Nature Course.
Various letters and notes related to the Journal of Morphology volume honoring Charles Whitman
News about money raised for Whitman's house and plans to celebrate Whitman.
Harper responding to Lillie letter from March 19th.
Congratulations and suggesting professors.
Lillie responding to letter from Harper on the 4th about his suggestion for an interview.
Harper telling Lillie to not be bothered by the clause concerning teaching three courses of instruction.
Formal letter acknowledging that Lillie accepted the position at University of Chicago and details about salary and service.
Lillie accepting position at University of Chicago offered by the Board of Trustees via Goodspeed
Formal letter informing Lillie of his promotion to Associate Professor, accompanied by a short letter.
Whitman talking about work and students, updating. Lectures.
Harper proposing the position of assistant professorship to Lillie.