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Letter about Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology
On becoming Tracy H. Harris Professor of Zoology in 1964. On Holtfreter's paper dedicated to Hamburger's 65th birthday. On a conference on "Epithelial-mesenychmal interactions". On Rolf and Eveline Lehmann from Freiburg visiting Holtfreter's lab.
Travel arrangements for Willier's visit at St. Louis.
Guido Filogamo writes to Hamburger to ask him for references
On Willier's Biographical Memoir Note by Watterson for the Academy of Science.
Research questions on Paul Weiss. On her research plans regarding Paul Weiss, Nikolaus Rashevsky & Water Elsasser.
On Willier's summer plans reagrding Woods Hole.
Private letter. Mainly on his denazification process.
Reminder to send repot of the Marine Biological Laboratory and congratulations to Whitman on the donation.
Giving Whitman his paper.