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Man looking at projected image from microscope. Very light.
Man looking at projected image from microscope. Man prominent.
Woman looking through microscope at a dissected squid nerve in a petri dish.
Four men standing or sitting looking out windows of MBL Supply House. One man in foreground leaning on tank.
Students receiving instruction around sewater tanks. One person holding a glass container.
Young man in the bridge steering the boat
One man holding starfish mop while another bends over to collect loose starfish on the deck of the collecting boat "Dolphin"
Two men holding starfish mop over the side of the collecting boat "Dolphin". Some starfish are present on mop.
Student playing a guitar seated between tables in the Embryology classroom. Glasswear visible on tables.
Three men processing collected dogfish in supply department. Additional pile of dogfish adjacent to fourth man in background.
Man processing collected dogfish over a barrel
Three men processing collected dogfish. Near view.