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Planning Conklin's visit at Woods Hole for Summer 1895.
Whitman suggests that the Biol. Bulletin becomes a medium of publication for people involved with the Morphological Society. Kingsley adds to the letter and forwards to Conklin to further discuss the issue.
Discusses the relevance of the independence of the MBL.
Discusses about some revised plates that might have gotten lost and says he will talk to the publisher. Also, discusses Wilson's research ideas.
Discusses plans for a meeting as well as some publications.
Announces that he shall explain during the meeting of the Naturalists that he's trying to arrange publications with Ginn & Co.; also discusses Peck's death
Talks about Mead's cytological lectures.
Plans for the Journal of Morphology
Discusses the time he wants to schedule the lectures, which he says should happen all together so that they can be published in the same journal issue. Morgan's lecture will be on Spallanzani.
Discusses the most recent trustee meeting. Whitman asks Conklin for his ideas and says he should not wait for Wilson's formal feedback.
2-item bibliography, which Conklin returns to Whitman.