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View of large reading room. Four men seated at separate tables reading books.
Man in chef's hat seated on crates. One man seated on back of tractor trailer truck. Man in suit standing below loading dock.
Members of the Botany class standing on the boat looking out towards an island.
People standing at bottom of staircase with collecting buckets.
Four men and three women on the steps of Lillie.
Mr. Martin slicing large tray of food into individual servings
Two members of the Botany class seated on a bench at the back of a boat and talking.
Professor Kempton working on a dogfish with a female observing.
One man and one woman seated at desks
Two women seated at typewriters. One woman seated at a desk. Alternative view.
Homer Smith seated at desk with Magic 8-Ball
A fisherman with fish in his fishing net, standing on a small boat.