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Announcement of the Zoological Bulletin, which will accompany the Journal of Morphology. Whitman will be in charge of the editorial along with Wheeler.
Talks about correspondence with Macfarlane.
Says that Kingsley suggested to talk to Conklin to secure abstracts of the meeting in Baltimore for the Bulletin.
Talks about some plates.
Letter written in German.
Says he won't be able to attend the meeting of the American Philosophical Society. Then talks about summer 1903 at Woods Hole.
Asks for approval on a collaboration to publish the Zoological Bulletin.
Sending a copy of an article by a late professor.
Discusses some of Conklin's papers, including one on the mechanisms on inheritance. He also discusses courses.
Congratulates Conklin on the establishment/renovation of the vivarium at the University of Pennsylvania.
Reports that he was asked to name a potential zoologist for a hire at McGill and inquires if Conklin is interested.