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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers

Labeled drawing by Trinkaus of rat testis, Embryology course, February 13, 1938
Labeled drawing by Trinkaus of salamander testis, Embryology course, graded A, February 7, 1938
Labeled drawing by Trinkaus of cat ovary, Embryology course, February 13, 1938
Notes from William Ballard's lecture. Trinkaus continues his outline from the previous page and creates a new section "2. Pharyngeal or Epicardial"
Labeled drawing by Trinkaus of four stages in the formation of spermatozoa (arphia), Embryology course, February 14, 1938
Notes from Alfred Sturtevant's lecture. Trinkaus takes notes on the role of the cytoplasm in inheritance, and Goldschmidt's research
Trinkaus's request for laboratory space for summer of 1973
Trinkaus's Research Progress Report for January 13, 1976, on Fundulus research
Photo of John Philip Trinkaus holding his cat in front of his car in the woods
photo of John Lochhead and Barbara Little aboard The Gemma for a collecting trip, 1988; description written on back of photo
Notes from Donald Costello's lecture. Trinkaus continues his notes on the embryology of crustaceans with information on the derivatives of various parts of the embryo, a diagram on ectodermal invagination, and a diagram on the anatomy of crustacean larvae
Letter from Trinkaus to Jaffe, turning down Jaffe's request for a recommendation for the Conklin Medal.