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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers

Notes from Hubert Goodrich's lecture. Trinkaus' diagrams on the 'Development of the Circulatory System of Teleost' with stages I-VII
Letter to Trinkaus, about the results of her experiments
Letter to Halvorson, informing him that a formal grievance was being filed against him.
Letter explaining why some committee members at the MBL do not want to see Harlyn Halvorson re-elected as director of MBL.
Report to the Executive Committee of the MBL on the sale of the land to director H.O. Halvorson and Others
Letter to Trinkaus, thanking him for his letter and discussing the job market.
Chapter 10 of John P. Trinkaus' autobiography, "Embryologist"
Notes from Hubert Goodrich's lecture. Trinkaus has drawn four colored diagrams of 'Presumptive Regions': Trout, Fundulus, Dog fish, and Urodele
Letter addressed to "Shelly," giving his opinion about potential committee members at the MBL
Letter to Adelberg by Trinkaus, explaining his views on the future direction of the MBL.
Letter from Ingber telling Trinkaus about his published paper on his new cytoskeletal model in the Journal of Cell Science. A copy of the paper is attached to the letter.
Letter to Trinkaus, mentioning her manuscript.