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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers

Tickle's research application for summer 1974
Erickson's research application for MBL, signed by Trinkaus as sponsoring investigator, 1975 summer
Photo of John Philip Trinkaus, Madeleine Trinkaus, Rudolph Raff, and Elizabeth Raff in formal winter clothes
References on developmet of fish for Embryology Course at MBL, 1939
Letter to Trinkaus, confirming his lab space assignment at the MBL for the summer of 1985; the invoice is attached to the letter.
Photo of John Philip Trinkaus in a lab; description on the back: "Please Credit: T. Charles Erickson, Yale University, Office of Public Information"
Photo of John Philip Trinkaus and Steven Zottoli in casual clothes
Letter asking for donation to 1975 Annual Campaign to support the MBL, November 28, 1975
Research proposal on the mechanism of Fundulus epiboly - microtubules, with J. Shih, with a list of publications; MBL 1998.
Letter from Trinkaus to Saunders about the Jaffe affair
A detailed description of Trinkaus's proposed research, "Directional movement of deep cells in the germ ring of the Fundulus gastrula," "Origin of the multinucleate external yolk syncytial layer," and "Microinjection of inhibitors into the E-YSL during epiboly" - MBL 1988.
MBL Application 1982, "Cell Rearrangement during Fundulus Epiboly," includes research space application, abstract and description of research proposal.