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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers

Letter to Tickle, congratulating her on her NATO Research Fellowship.
Letter from Saunders to Trinkaus clarifying his so-called "endorsement" of Lionel F. Jaffe for the Conklin Medal.
Letter to Trinkaus, telling him about Tickle's plans to spend two years in the US.
Letter to Trinkaus, announcing that Tickle was awarded the NATO research fellowship.
Letter to Curtis, telling him that he has space for Tickle to join his lab as a post-doc.
Letter of recommendation for Tickle for a position at Oxford University.
Letter announcing the advertisement of the new position in the department of zoology at Washington State University.
Letter asking Trinkaus to provide a reference for Cheryll Tickle; with information about the Medical Research Council attached.
Letter to Trinkaus, asking him about opportunities to work in his lab as a post-doc.
Letter to Tickle about the funding situation for post-docs at Yale.
Letter to Trinkaus, asking him if he received the manuscript.