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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers

Lecure Notes on Teleost Development, MBL Embryology Course, 1952
Letter from Trinkaus to Saunders about the Jaffe affair, explaining how shocked he was that Jaffe was nominating himself for the Conklin Medal.
Trinkaus's Research Progress Report for November 26, 1974, on Fundulus research
Letter responding to an earlier letter from Porter; letter addresses relationship between MBL members and the corporation, as well as possibly moving the MBL Library to a new corporation, February 4, 1977
Photo of Ross Granville Harrison at a lab bench with a microscope; description on back: "Harrison Photo Stone"
Photo of John Philip Trinkaus on August 12, 1988; description written on back possibly mentions Old Timers' Day
Trinkaus's request for laboratory space for summer of 1975
Trinkaus's request for laboratory space for summer of 1978
Letter informing Trinkaus of his laboratory assignment and fees for 1974 summer, including floor plan, March 22, 1974
Draft Report of Ad Hoc Committee on Future of MBL Embryology Course, August 28, 1986; includes comments by Trinkaus handwritten in pencil. (Ad Hoc committee consisted of: Dennis Smith, Joan Ruderman, Joan Howard, Judith Grassle, Douglas Melton, Bruce Brandhorst, Eric Davidson)
Photo of John Philip Trinkaus kissing his wife, Madeleine Trinkaus, on the cheek
Erickson's research application for MBL, signed by Trinkaus as sponsoring investigator, 1974 summer