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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers

Letter to Trinkaus, thanking him for preprints and discussing cell locomotion.
Letter from Trinkaus to the editor of the New York Times criticizing its portrayal of working scientists.
Letter to Trinkaus about the failure of the MBL to accept a donation from a foundation in Boston.
Letter to Tamm, accusing him of mistreating Halvorson's administrative assistant and requesting an apology.
Letter to Trinkaus, thanking him for reprints.
Letter to Trinkaus, about a journal article.
Letter to Trinkaus (no year provided), thanking him for his letter and comments.
Letter to Trinkaus, about her visit to Woods Hole.
Minutes of the 65-3 meeting of the Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Committee's Phreatophyte Subcommittee. Held August 30-31, 1965, at Grand Junction, Colorado.
Letter to Trinkaus, about an experiment on cell re-aggregation.
Letter to Trinkaus, about MBL forms.
Letter describing some differences and similarities between cell motility in Fundulus, observed by Trinkaus, and others' work on the zebrafish.