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Whitman, Charles Otis

Harper proposing the position of assistant professorship to Lillie.
Zoology plans (without the floor plans) and the library and vivarium plans. Page 4 missing.
Harper glad that Lillie accepted post at University of Chicago, letting Lillie know that the formal election will be soon and Lillie will receive a statement.
Whitman discussing available positions and the people who fill those positions.
Telegraph telling Conklin that Whitman has died and to tell others
Discusses the most recent trustee meeting. Whitman asks Conklin for his ideas and says he should not wait for Wilson's formal feedback.
Formal letter acknowledging that Lillie accepted the position at University of Chicago and details about salary and service.
Whitman talking about work and students, updating. Lectures.
Article on Natural History work at the MBL.
Appendix on the work and aims of the Marine Biological Laboratory. Work completed included.
Congratulations, well wishing amd complimenting MBL. Also new construction ideas.
Congratulations for the donation