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Whitman, Charles Otis

The latest news about the troops, President Harrison's day, the weather, congressional meetings, the inauguration, meetings, hospital cases, and other news.
Duties and dealings with the Director
Highlights that Conklin had not been responding. Whitman asks suggestions about who should be teaching particular courses.
Talks about how the MBL should cooperate with colleges. Whitman asks for Conklin's advice.
Report to the Trustees of the Carnegie Institution
Discusses a subscription, a publication, and the upcoming summer.
Existence and importance of the MBL
Congratulations and suggesting professors.
Harper telling Lillie to not be bothered by the clause concerning teaching three courses of instruction.
Lillie responding to letter from Harper on the 4th about his suggestion for an interview.
News about money raised for Whitman's house and plans to celebrate Whitman.