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Whitman, Charles Otis

Harper informing Lillie that the Board of Trustees did not reach the recommendation. Hoping that they will discuss the following Tuesday.
Lillie responding to the previous letter concerned with his promotion.
Appreciation for the service and sacrifice of the director, Whitman.
Lillie concerned about double majors at the University of Chicago
Whitman offers advice and recommendations about courses and students.
Harper apologizing for late response and glad to hear about Lillie's consideration.
News story advertising the MBL after completion of its 5th summer session.
Talks about a course of (most likely) Natural History introduced at the MBL that summer.
Lillie explaining his later response, thanking Harper
Draft of report on study course at the MBL.
Note saying MBL is not looking for immediate endowment yet. Their requirments exceed the sums Carnegie offers.
Draft. Address to the members of the corporation of the Marine Biological Laboratory. Annual meeting 1901.