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Whitman, Charles Otis

Talks about Ginn & Co. publisher, and says they couldn't come to an agreement, therefore Whitman didn't pay them. Also discusses the idea of making the MBL a permanent lab.
Discusses a subscription, a publication, and the upcoming summer.
Comments on Bumpus, Mead, Peck, Montgomery, and others
Highlights that Conklin had not been responding. Whitman asks suggestions about who should be teaching particular courses.
Talks about how the MBL should cooperate with colleges. Whitman asks for Conklin's advice.
Reminder to send repot of the Marine Biological Laboratory and congratulations to Whitman on the donation.
Giving Whitman his paper.
Invites Conklin over for the last time to his new place. He says "everything hangs on you, Morgan, and Wilson."
Talking about his work and Whitman's.
Congratultions and well wishes.
Whitman tries to persuade Conklin to publish in the Bulletin.