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Whitman, Charles Otis

Giving Whitman his paper.
Reminder to send repot of the Marine Biological Laboratory and congratulations to Whitman on the donation.
Announces that he will visit Conklin in Philadelphia and states arrival date.
Congratulations and wondering if Whitman will include Woods Holl.
Invitation to an informal dinner in Chicago held for the trustees of the MBL on December 31.
Scott saying he will not return to the laboratory at Shawnee. Scott asking to learn more about the details why he will not be returning.
Love letter to Kate of rememberance
Discusses purchasing a house in front of the MBL at five percent interest rate.
Whitman tries to persuade Conklin to publish in the Bulletin.
Invites Conklin over for the last time to his new place. He says "everything hangs on you, Morgan, and Wilson."
Congratultions and well wishes.