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Whitman, Charles Otis

Article on Natural History work at the MBL.
Appendix on the work and aims of the Marine Biological Laboratory. Work completed included.
Draft of report on nature study course at the MBL, including list of teachers for course.
R.R. Chandler writing to Charles Whitman concerning the amount of land for a new school of biology being established in Lake Geneva
William Rothery thanking Helen Culver for her gift to the University of Chicago and how it will be used to make a marine laboratory.
He says he wants to be in Woods Hole again during the upcoming summer. "Wood's Hole is the only place that seems like home to me."
Congratulations for the donation
Congratulations on the plan to establish the million dollar biological school
Congratulations on the donation and that some money is going to a reopening of the work of the Lake Laboratory on a much larger scale.
Planning to see Mrs. Williams and arranging for a meeting with Whitman.
Wyld's marriage and Wyld's congratulations on Whitman's biology department
Recomendation Letter for Norman Wyld