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Whitman, Charles Otis

Sending a copy of an article by a late professor.
Discusses some of Conklin's papers, including one on the mechanisms on inheritance. He also discusses courses.
Discusses about some revised plates that might have gotten lost and says he will talk to the publisher. Also, discusses Wilson's research ideas.
Discusses plans for a meeting as well as some publications.
Plans for the Journal of Morphology
Talks about Mead's cytological lectures.
Discusses the relevance of the independence of the MBL.
Planning Conklin's visit at Woods Hole for Summer 1895.
Whitman suggests that the Biol. Bulletin becomes a medium of publication for people involved with the Morphological Society. Kingsley adds to the letter and forwards to Conklin to further discuss the issue.
Reports that he was asked to name a potential zoologist for a hire at McGill and inquires if Conklin is interested.
Congratulates Conklin on the establishment/renovation of the vivarium at the University of Pennsylvania.