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Whitman, Charles Otis

Congratultions and well wishes.
Talking about his work and Whitman's.
Invitation to an informal dinner in Chicago held for the trustees of the MBL on December 31.
Scott saying he will not return to the laboratory at Shawnee. Scott asking to learn more about the details why he will not be returning.
Discusses employment opportunities with Conklin.
Discusses financial things between Mrs. Culver and the University fo Chicago and, collaterally, the MBL.
Sending her laboratory's engagements for the Biological Lectures for 1903. Includes her address as well.
Talks about a reply to the communication from the Carnegie Committee. Whitman hopes for Conklin's approval.
Poem, "The March of Mind," by Lofland, writing under the name Milford Bard.
Referring to Mr. C. J. Elmore, who applied for a fellowship in Biology at Chicago. Also congratulating Whitman. Mentions that he plants to send work done in 1894 on Lake Michigan.
Carus dissuaded from publishing Dr. Morgan's article and talking about the foundations of the MBL and where the money goes.
Asking Whitman to help with Miss Angell's tuition