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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers (Restricted)

Letter informing Trinkaus that he is the first recipient of the E.G. Conklin Medal
Letter to Trinkaus's son, mentioning Gordon Philpott and Neanderthals
Former student, Johansen, telling Trinkaus about an old photograph of him at the MBL handing out the final exams for Developmental Biology in Spring 1988.
Letter informing Trinkaus of the second and third reviews of his manuscript, Cells into Organs (2nd edition).
Letter from Trinkaus to the editor of the New York Times criticizing its portrayal of working scientists.
Letter from Mike to Trinkaus, mentioning the Embryology course at Woods Hole 1957.
Feyen informing Trinkaus about three reviews of the first three chapters of the manuscript for Cells into Organs.
Schedule of the Abercrombie Symposium.
Letter to the staff of MBL Embryology Course, about the special guest lecturers