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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers (Restricted)

Provisional Lecture Schedule for MBL Embryology Course, 1971
List of students accepted for the MBL Embryology Course, Summer 1971
Second letter to Blau, accepting prize and providing the title for his keynote address
Letter to Trink, explaining that the author is sending his comments on Trinkaus's first three chapters of Cells into Organs that he had previously sent to publisher (see next entry for comments).
Letter to Gerisch, confirming that Trinkaus received his letter in Paris where Trinkaus is on sabbatical leave for a semester.
Letter to Trinkaus, asking for more information before reviewing the second edition of his book, Cells into Organs.
Anonymous review of Trinkaus's book sent to editor or publisher at Prentice-Hall
Letter to Trinkaus from student worrying about his project
Photocopy of typed document