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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers (Restricted)

Letter to Trinkaus thanking him for his guest lecture at Brown University on "Morphology & Morphogenesis"
Letter thanking Trinkaus for his lecture at Kansas State Universtiy
Letter thanking Trinkaus for being a great teacher and influence
Letter to Trinkaus, requesting information concerning a MBL course.
Research space application for project, "Mechanism of Morphogenetic Cell Movements" - MBL 1986.
Letter to Trinkaus asking him about a research assistantship at Yale
Letter to Jaffe from Grassle about the future of the MBL Embryology course.
List of people & addresses with "MBL Receipts 1987" scribbled at the top of the page.
Letter to Trinkaus requesting an interview for Yale Scientific Magazine
Letter to Allen asking her to send reprints/preprints of her work.
Letter to Trinkaus, thanking him for preprints and explaining her work on morphogenesis. The letter seems to be signed "Gillian."
Letter to Galston, objecting to the new rules that faculty must inform the Dean of any absences in written form.