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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers (Restricted)

Trinkaus's Curriculum Vitae
Trinkaus's information form, MBL 1992.
Letter to Abercrombie about the Gordon Conference and his illness.
Research space application for project, "Directional nuclear division and cell movement during the early development of Fundulus" - MBL 1988.
Letter to Trinkaus and Dunn about planning for Michael Abercrombie's Festschrift
Letter to Trinkaus, informing him that Abercrombie is unable to attend the Gordon Conference.
Letter asking for support to extend Harlyn Halvorson's term as director of the MBL.
Trinkaus's "Remarks prepared for Presentation to the Corporation of the Marine Biological Laboratory" - 1990
Letter to Trinkaus announcing Michael Abercrombie's death.
Research proposal on the mechanism of Fundulus epiboly - microtubules, with J. Shih; MBL 1998.
Letter addressed to "corporation member" of the MBL, announcing the search for the new Director of the MBL.
A detailed description of Trinkaus's proposed research, "Origin and development of the external yolk syncytial layer," and "Microinjection of inhibitors into the E-YSL during epiboly," MBL 1989.