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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers (Restricted)

Letter to J. Abercrombie about the second edition of his book.
Letter from Saunders to Trink, mentioning health issues.
Letter from Thiery to Trinkaus explaining Charles Devillers' (a mutual friend) illness.
Letter to Trinkaus about J. Abercrombie's stay in Canada.
Letter to Mooseker, requesting a letter from him explaining his absences.
Letter to Heaysman about Trinkaus's preface.
Letter to Trinkaus asking for references on cell group motility.
Letter from Mike to Trinkaus, telling him how much he enjoyed Trinkaus's course on comparative vertebrate zoology at Yale, 46 years ago.
Pamphlet for "Cell Behaviour: The Michael Abercrombie Memorial Meeting."
Letter to Trinkaus, asking him whether he plans to attend the ISDB meeting in Tokyo.
Letter from Thiery to Trinkaus announcing Charle Devillers' (a mutual friend) death.
Letter about Trinkaus's work in Roscoff, France.