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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers (Restricted)

Letter to Trinkaus from student worrying about his project
Photocopy of typed document
Feyen informing Trinkaus about three reviews of the first three chapters of the manuscript for Cells into Organs.
Letter to the staff of MBL Embryology Course, about the special guest lecturers
Letter to Trinkaus updating him about med school
Photocopy of typed document
Letter to Trinkaus telling him about his paper on Ilyanassa and thanking him for his mentorship in Woods Hole
Letter to Trinkaus requestng a copy of the syllabus for his freshman biology course
Letter to Trinkaus thanking him for his paper, "Mechanisms of Morphogenetic Movements"
Letter to Trinkaus requesting an interview for Yale Scientific Magazine
Letter to Trinkaus to thank him for his guest lecture, "Aging and Immortality," signed "A BIO II Student"