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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers (Restricted)

Schedule of the Abercrombie Symposium.
Letter to Ash, thanking him for his visit and sending him a publication list.
Letter to Trinkaus's son, mentioning Gordon Philpott and Neanderthals
Letter from Johnson to Trinkaus commenting on his drafts of Chapters 4-7 of Trinkaus's memoirs.
Letter informing Trinkaus that he is the first recipient of the E.G. Conklin Medal
Letter to Galston, objecting to the new rules that faculty must inform the Dean of any absences in written form.
Letter from Ingber telling Trinkaus about his published paper on his new cytoskeletal model in the Journal of Cell Science. A copy of the paper is attached to the letter.
Letter from Trinkaus's son, mentioning encounter with former Trinkaus's student, Gordon Philpott.
Contract of Trinkaus's contribution to the book published by Cambridge University Press, in honour of Michael Abercrombie.
Letter to Spence about Professor Alberch's possible promotion to full professor with tenure.
Letter to Trinkaus, thanking him for agreeing to write the preface for the book published in honour of Michael Abercrombie.