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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers (Restricted)

Letter to Trinkaus about his manuscript and the title of his manuscript.
Letter to Trinkaus, informing him about the word limit for his manuscript.
Letter to Trinkaus from Armstong, mentioning his work at Oxford.
Letter to Trinkaus about his report on Professor Alberch at Harvard University.
Letter to Spence about Harvard's policy on promotions.
Letter to Trinkaus, asking him to prepare concluding remarks for the meeting in honour of Michael Abercrombie.
Letter to Trinkaus about an upcoming meeting on cell movement in Tokyo.
Letter thanking Trinkaus for his hospitality and noting how different his attitude to research is compared to that of the NIH
Comments on Trinkaus's book, also sent to Prentice Hall
Letter about galley proofs of Trinkaus's article
Letter thanking Trinkaus for providing letters of recommendation