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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers (Restricted)

Letter from Ingber telling Trinkaus about his published paper on his new cytoskeletal model in the Journal of Cell Science. A copy of the paper is attached to the letter.
Letter from Trinkaus's son, mentioning encounter with former Trinkaus's student, Gordon Philpott.
Contract of Trinkaus's contribution to the book published by Cambridge University Press, in honour of Michael Abercrombie.
Letter thanking Trinkaus for his mentorship and updatig Trink on his grant and on his latest research
Letter to Trinkaus, asking for more information before reviewing the second edition of his book, Cells into Organs.
Anonymous review of first three chapters of the second edition of Cells into Organs.
Letter from propsective graduate student, asking Trinkaus to study under his supervision
Letter congratulating Trinkaus on his book, with comments on the cellular aggregation of slime moulds
Anonymous review of Trinkaus's manuscript of the second edition of Cells into Organs
Letter informing Trinkaus of third review of his manuscript, Cells into Organs (2nd edition).
Letter congratulating Trinkaus on his book
Letter describing some differences and similarities between cell motility in Fundulus, observed by Trinkaus, and others' work on the zebrafish.