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Cecil seated sideways on a chair, facing the camera.
Sidney I. Smith sitting in a chair. Behind him on the wall are various pictures in frames.
Brooks is facing the camera with his arms on a table, holding a piece of paper in his left hand. He is wearing a white shirt and bowtie.
Tennent is standing against a metal railing on a wood plank walkway, some kind of pier or bridge. He is facing the camera holding a hat in his left hand, and there is a body of water and one of its banks in the background.
Loeb is seated, his face turned toward the camera. His left hands is resting on a microscope on the table in front of him, and his right hand is on the arm of his chair. There is metal piping in the background and a notice tacked on the wall behind him.
Lefevre is standing outside, across the street from a row of bushes and a building. He is wearing glasses and a hat and has his hands in his pockets.
Olmsted standing at a distance from a house, facing the camera.
Wilson sitting at a desk with a microscope, looking off into the distance.
Loeb sitting while reading a document.
Bodansky is sitting at his lab bench in front of a microscope.
Adolph sitting next to a lab bench full of equipment.
Hess sitting at a desk, facing the camera.