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Chambers is seated facing the camera, against a wall. There is a frame to his right, and he is holding either a cigarette or chalk in his right hand.
Harrison is seated at a table stacked with lab equipment. He has a glass tube in his right hand and is looking down at his work.
Osterhout is seated at a desk covered in papers. He is holding a paper in his hands and looking toward the left frame of the photograph. There are shelves holding books on the wall behind him.
Kahn is seated facing the camera. He is sitting at a table that holds a microscope and some other materials, and there is a shelf with glass containers holding clear liquids mounted on the back wall.
Ritter sitting, facing the camera.
Stephen d'Irsay sitting in a chair at a table reading a book. In front of him on the table is a typewriter and behind him on the wall is a shelf with books on it.
Hilding Berglund sitting at a desk working with a microscope. Behind him are shelves with labeled glass bottles.
Carl O. Dunbar standing in front of a large machine manipulating an object in his hands.
H. E. Neal sitting at a table with a microscope. Behind him is a large glass container with plants in it and a map can be seen on the wall.
Jones is standing with his arms at his sides facing the camera. There is a vine-covered column in the background.
Rapport is standing facing the camera, holding something small in his right hand. His left hand is at his side and there are climbing vines behind him.
Brown sitting next to a desk and a bookshelf while reading a book.