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Wheeler is wearing a suit and a jacket, with his left hand in his pocket.
Bodine standing in front of a building, with his hands folded in front of him.
Chown sitting at a desk with a flask next to his arm.
Knapke sitting at a lab bench with lab equipment.
Jennings is seated at a table in front of a microscope, looking to his left toward the camera. There are shelves in the background holding various books and papers.
Patton is standing on a grass lawn in front of a few bushes. He is facing the camera and wearing all white with a dark belt. He is holding a cigarette in his left hand.
Inman sitting at a lab bench, with a bowl placed in front of him.
H. B. Torrey sitting at a table in front of a chalkboard with writing on it. He is wearing a suit and has a pair of glasses in his right hand.
Christopher C. Hentschel sitting in a chair at a desk. Behind him is a coat rack with a white lab coat and on the desk next to him sits a microscope.
Herman Schneider (Left) and Daniel Cook (Right) standing outside. Cook is holding a cigarette in his left hand and Schneider is examining an object he is holding.
Grave is standing facing the camera. He is wearing a suit and tie.
Pond is seated at a desk, looking toward the left frame of the photograph. His left arm is in his lap and his right is resting on the desk. There are shelves holding lab equipment in the background.