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On Hamburger's corrections of Holtfreter's manuscript. On visiting Max Delbrueck at Nashville, Tennessee.
invitation to Seidel to visit Washington University
On receiving Holtfreter's manuscript. Informal invitation to the US. Thank-you note for BW-Bali pictures sent by Holtfreter.
On induction. "I agree with you that it is about the most inopportune moment to write about induction, when we all have to revise our concepts completely."
Recommendation for Anne Bekoff to be reappointed at the University of Colorado
Man operating x-ray machinery.
Man bending over x-ray machine.
Botany students preparing to leave Penikese.
People standing on sidewalk, stairs and porch of the Mess Hall
Enid Keil Sichel seated on a set of stairs
Merkel H. Jacobs seated at the lab bench, looking through a microscope