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Goodrich is standing on the edge of a grass lawn leading up to a body of water. There are canoes in the background. He is facing toward the right frame of the photo with his face turned toward the camera.
Just is standing at the edge of a dirt lane in front of a row of hedges. He has his left hand in his pocket and a pipe in his right hand at his side.
Chambers and Page are seated at a lab desk in front of a microscope and some other lab equipment.They are in the corner of the room, with windows on two walls visible. Both are looking at the camera.
Quinn is standing on a dirt road, facing the camera with her hands in her blouse pockets. Across the road, a building and some greenery are in the background.
Miss Peebles is seated outdoors in the woods, with her left hand in her lap and her right hand resting near her hat.
Hogue is standing in front of a row of tall hedges, holding a glass container in her hands.
Whiting is standing on a grass lawn with his arms at his sides, looking toward the left frame of the photograph. There are several trees and a building in the background.
Horace W. Stunkard sitting in a chair. Behind him are shelves of photographs in frames.
G. L. Carver sitting at a table. Behind him are shelves containing various glassware and other objects.
Yates is standing in front of a wall of climbing vines, facing the camera and wearing all white.
Philpott sitting at his desk with his hand resting against a small lab instrument.
Buddington leaning back in his chair at his desk.