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local area

Woods Hole Cut. Spencer Baird's Fisheries Building on right
The Elizabeth Island beach 1920
Mary Huettner Sippewissett Road, 1923
Franz Schrader (pitching), Alfred H. Sturtevant (middle, dark clothes) & Donald Lancefield (right) pitching horseshoes
A.F. Huettner on right with pipe on collecting trip on Elizabeth Islands c1921. Probably a one-week camping trip.
Mrs. Mary R. Huettner collecting at Sippewissett Marsh 1921
William P. Procter on collecting trip to Sippewissett Marsh. 1921
Looking east on Water Street
A road is shown with two parked cars. Various buildings and telephone poles can be seen lining the road.
This picture shows a small cove with a number of boats anchored. Surrounding the water are buildings of various sizes.
A large body of water is shown with a large boat floating in it. Next to the large boat is a smaller rowboat.