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local area

Sketch of the Annisquam Laboratory made in 1884 by an unknown artist. Includes multiple buildings, wind tower, and stairwell onto a small doc. Windpower provided the laboratory with its water for aquaria.
Some sort of religious statue on top of a table. A staircase, part of a chair, and a couple of doorways are visible in the background.
Foreground is rough waters with waves and blown over grass, background is two houses.
Approximately a dozen people standing on the shore and in the water in rain coats and ponchos.
View of Do-Re-Mi houses with cars in foreground and partial view of Eel Pond with some small boats.
People standing and sitting on a small dock that is on shore, looking at camera, in bathing costumes, people swimming in the water in background.
Man standing on small dock on Eel Pond. He is carrying something large, appearing to be rolled up sails or nets. Two small boats at the dock, houses visible on the other side of the pond.
A vieiw of the Ferry dock taken from the roof of Lillie, with docs and boats visible.
Eel pond in winter, half iced over, some ships in pond, houses visible in background, part of a roof visible in foregorund
MBL picnic on boats. A boat (kind of looks like Cayadetta) in the water, towing two smaller row boats full of people and one tiny empty row boat. People are far away but are looking at camera. Buildings visible in background. Text of photograph reads MBL Picnic
Woods Hole as it looked before the MBL began. View of houses and Eel Pond.
Man sitting on the ground with part of a large net in his lap, apparently fixing it. Old Main is visible in the background.