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local area

A man in a suit stands on a pier, with a top hat in his right hand and with his left hand held up in front of him.
Sepia photo of six men with four boats out on the water collecting from a line of nets.
Black and white photo of some members of the Morgan family. T.H. Morgan is in the back left of the photo.
Sepia photo of 12 men wearing rubber boots and a small boy posing outside a building
Black and white photo of warehouse filled with storage barrels full of specimens
Sepia photo of Paul Conklin and another man sitting in front of the water
Sepia photo of Antonio Amaras standing on boat at a dock.
Black and white photo of four men emptying a net on a boat
Sepia photo of three men on a fishing boat with nets
Sepia photo of four men standing on a dock. The second from the left is Paul Conklin
Sepia photo of men in boats setting up a row of fishing nets
Sepia photo of Antonio Amaras (right) and Tuckey (left) posing with a shark outside of the Candle House