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local area

Student housing (High Street?) 1916
Nobska Beach Road - 1916. Note high dunes on the right; the beach is now below this road grade and the sand dunes are gone.
Beach Attire - 1918 Mary R. Huettner at Gansett Beach
Man holding a sampler over the side of the collecting boat "Dolphin"
Young man in the bridge steering the boat
View of Lillie building and part of Woods Hole looking from curve of MBL Street towards the southeast
One man holding starfish mop while another bends over to collect loose starfish on the deck of the collecting boat "Dolphin"
Two men holding starfish mop over the side of the collecting boat "Dolphin". Some starfish are present on mop.
Two men in small boats working nets at weir
Man in small boat holding hand net above collection containers in adjacent boat. Squid can be seen in hand net.
Man working the wench on the collecting boat "Dolphin"
View from stern of collecting boat "Dolphin" as it approaches Woods Hole drawbridge