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local area

View of Quissett Harbor
Ship docking in Woods Hole - 1929
Turnaround at Nobska Light 1918. This road was a dirty way and not connected to Surf Drive until a later date,
Unidentified child on a Woods Hole beach - 1921
Woods Hole Lighthouse 1918 - Dirt road
Use of sprit-sail on a canoe to sail to Elizabeth Islands. Such transportation was commonly used by MBL affiliates from 1910 - 1930.
Depot dock at Woods Hole, looking west. Fisheries building on left
Behind Sam Cahoon's Fish Market on the dock where much of the processing took place.
Collecting ship "Cayadetta"
Richard Huettner, son of the photographer, standing in the doorway of the Bell Tower, 1930
Drs. Huettner (R) and Alfred H. Sturtevant (L), both on the staff of Columbia University Zoology Department, collecting specimens on the Elizabeth Islands. Note home-made shelter.
Ship from Edgartown