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local area

Unidentified woman in a Webster House Garden - 1920's
Surf Drive in the area of today's Oyster Pond Road intersection. Oyster Pond in background
Mrs. Mary R. Huettner collecting in North Falmouth
Fisheries building on right
Woods Hole
Ships at dock in Woods Hole
4 unknown men processing fish. Child in the foreground is Robert Huettner
The ship was a sub-chaser converted into a fishing boat c. 1921. Photo 1930 Sam Cahoon's dock
Camping on the Elizabeth Islands. Lunch. Note canoe in background
Penzance Garage (Socony Fuel sign) with Lillie-Crane Buildings in the center back, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's Bigelow building to its right (with cupola).
Fisheries building at Woods Hole 1919
Fog horn - 1928 The horn was located on the bluff across the road from Nobska Light. Note buoy tender in background.