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local area

MBLers at the beach (Stoney Beach) many are standing and sitting on the shore. Some cars are visible in the parking lot.
Group of people pulling in the siene with cat boat in the background. Picture appears to have been taken at quicks hole with Pasque and Naushon in the background
Car pulled over on side of road, towing a small boat, three men partilly visible on the far side of the car.
A line of people walking out through the marsh towards a lake, their backs to the camera. Telephone poles and wires visible in the background.
Approximately two dozen people on the shore with collecting nets. Many of whom are in hats. The women have their skirts rolled up. In the background is a boat.
The Nantucket, sidewheel ferry boat in Woods Hole Passage
Group of people on the beach, one has umbrella, some art swimming in the water and others stand on the shore
Freight heading to the MBL in a wooden wagon, delivered by unknown man
Three small boats of people collecting under and right next to docks, hand held collecting nets visible.
Jaque Loeb and his family, his wife is sitting with a young child on her lap, he stands with his hands on a young boys shoulders. The front porch of the house is visible.
The bel tower next to Eel Pond, with part of a boat visible and a house in the background.
Image of houses in foreground and Pacific Guano Company factory in background. Smokestacks visible.