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Candle House from the outside. The road is visible and a bike is leaning up against the house.
Man sitting at desk in the library stacks.
Man sitting at desk with advanced microscope in front of him, looking at camera.
Lillie Auditorium during the 1940s
MBL building with a banner that reads "MBL says bravo!" taken from a dock, it appears.
The mess building, 1914, "Dedication Day." Approximately 10 people milling about on steps, front porch, and sidewalk out front of building. People are dressed nicely, many in hats.
Three men looking at the camera in a room that looks like a dormitory. Two men are seated. A few beds are visible, as is a chair hanging from the rafters near the ceiling. White sheets are draped all around and on the beds.Also visible are a pair of mens shoes in the foreground.
MBL Crane Building from old Cayadetta dock
Aerial image of Woods Hole with title "100 Year Exploring Life, 1888-1988"
The Crane Building and the Candle House. Crane was the first permanent building built by the MBL. Donated by Charles R. Crane in 1914, the Candle House has served many purposes in its 152 year history. Originally a spermaceti candle factory, it also was a supply house and store for the whaling ships that came to Woods Hole. Later, as an MBL facility, it served the Supply Department and was known as the Hotel Majestic by those bunking on its top floor. It has housed the MBL administration since 1982.
Pitching horseshoes behind Old Main. EE Just (left) and Donald Lancefield
E.E. Just playing horseshoes, Donald Lancefield behind. Unknown to left