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A woman standing in the chem room with a man sitting in the background. She stands at a counter looking down and he sits at a desk looking down.
Women grabbing food from cafeteria line, men in aprons standing behind the counter.
A building, it appears to be Old Main.
Student sitting at table in embryology laboratory plays a musical instrumen, seated and looking down. A few students are visible in the background
Office door with flood water risen to the door handle.
Jim Graham (MBL glassblower) holding a large glass object, looking down at it. He is seated at a desk with other tools and glass visible.
John Vaolois with visitors Mayoress Margeret Hicks and Mayor Ronald Hicks, Valois is holding an organism and apparently explaining something or showing them something.
Large group of students dancing at MBL club, nets hanging from ceiling.
A few shelves filled with empty glassware. Label on one of the shelves reads Funnels 3.
People dancing at the MBL club, a girl and boy hold hands while ducking under arms of others, girl in background looking at camera.
Cornelia Clapp and other trustees standing on steps outside of the Lillie Building, looking at the camera.
Image of houses in foreground and Pacific Guano Company factory in background. Smokestacks visible.