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John P. Trinkaus in the laboratory at the MBL. Trinkaus is seated in front of video equiptment, and is smiling at the camera.
John P. Trinkaus (left) standing next to Steve Zottoli (right) in their shared laboratory at the MBL
Several boats in a cove in front of the MBL Swope Center
Black and white photo of warehouse filled with storage barrels full of specimens
Seventeen people in the Basic Ecology course posing for a photograph outside of the Loeb building in Jan in 1981
Black and white photo of the directors of the MBL in December 1976.
Sepia photo of Antonio Amaras (right) and Tuckey (left) posing with a shark outside of the Candle House
Black and white photograph of the corner of MBL St. and Water St. The brick buildingon the left is the Lillie Building and its Crane wing, the stone building next to the brick Crane wing of the Lillie Building is the Candle House.
Black and white photo of people resting in the shade and on the beach in Tarpaulin Cove, on Naushon Island.
Key for Basic Ecology Course, January 1981 photo
Black and white photo of the Trustees of the Marine Biological Laboratorr taken in front of the Lillie Building in 1939.
Black and white phtoto of thirtythree men and one woman (Dr. Cornelia Clapp) in front of the Lillie Building