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Janitor sweeping out an empty Lillie Auditorium.
Inside the Mess; Mr. Martin checking tables; 1953. Man standing in empty dining hall overlooking tables with white tablecloths.
Main Reading Room 1950s, four people sit at tables reading.
Library stacks in Crane 217. Stacks of books and tables and chairs.
The supply department when it was in Candle House. Multiple sharks laying on the floor, and lobsters in a bucket.
Yalden Sundial and Lillie building. A bike is visible in front of the building, as is part of a car..
Two men leaning over a table with dishes on it, examining them, a few men and a woman in the background.
Albert Szert Gyorgyi's wife pours tea with men waiting in the background. She looks down at the tea and is wearing a dress.
Foreground is eel pond with a few small boats, background is swope. Picture appears to have been taken on Eel Pond.
View of Do-Re-Mi houses with cars in foreground and partial view of Eel Pond with some small boats.
The mess, with people standing around- on front porch, steps, and sidewalk out front. Two baby strollers visible on sidewalk.
Empty classroom with drawings in background, chairs and tables visible. Writing on back of photograph, in pencil says "The General Zoology Laboratory at M.B.L. C-6"