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On upcoming job opportunities for Byron & Eleanor at Illinois.
On his upcoming military service.
On his experiments on the development of frog eggs, on the new situation at Washington University, on visiting Bancroft at the Physiology Department in Belfast, UK.
On his situation in military service.
Duties and dealings with the Director
Discussion of their experiments which do not confirm Hamburger's work
Sending a paper on the ear and nose, dealing with remarks by Hamburger on the polarity of the ear.
Letter asking Trinkaus to provide a reference for Cheryll Tickle; with information about the Medical Research Council attached.
Letter to Trinkaus, thanking him for his letter of recommendation for Tickle.
Letter to Trinkaus about his paper on movement of deep cells in Fundulus during the gastrula stages
Research and personnel updates
Handwritten letter, 2 pages