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Inquiry for the status of Sharma's visa application
Welch asks Hamburger for promising students for a post-doctoarl position at his department. Contains a detailed description of the work done at his department.
Letter to Mooseker, requesting a letter from him explaining his absences.
Notification of succesful application for a Heermans Fellowship in 1946-47.
On Wenger's reappointment as Assistant in Zoology for 1946-47.
On Wenger'sappointment as Assistant in Zoology for 1945-46.
Handwritten letter, 2 pages, signed 'deine Barbel'
Typewritten letter, 1 page, signed 'deine Barbel'
Typewritten letter, 3 pages, signed 'Barbel'
Letter dated June 13 with no year.
Letter dated May 8 with no year.
Letter dated May 8 with no year.
Letter congratulating Trinkaus on his book
Requesting a statement of recommendation for Holtfreter for membership in the Academy of Sciences.
Requesting an article on Mauthner cells for The Quarterly Review of Biology.
On Watterson as instructor in embryology in Woods Hole.
Invitation to prepare a manuscript on "Recent Concepts of the Embryonic Inductor" for the Quarterly Review of Biology.
On Hamburger's review of 'Von Baer: Man of many talents'.
On Hamburger's recommendation of Stefanelli for writing a manuscript of the Mauthner cell. On ótienne Wolff.
On Martha and Viktor Hamburger's upcoming visit in Baltimore at Willier's house.
On Holtfreter's review in 'Archives of Biochemistry'. On the proofs of Hamburger's review. On the Army Students Training Program.