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Reports on the meeting held on August 24 when the laboratory was transformed into an intercollegiate institution. Describes plans for the future of the institution.
Says that Crane wishes to meet Conklin along with Morgan, Wilson, and MacFarlane.
Discusses Conklin's paper that will be published as a self-standing issue.
Planning Conklin's visit at Woods Hole for Summer 1895.
Discusses employment opportunities with Conklin.
Reports that he was asked to name a potential zoologist for a hire at McGill and inquires if Conklin is interested.
Reminder for a lecture; brief discussion of personal life.
Discusses about some revised plates that might have gotten lost and says he will talk to the publisher. Also, discusses Wilson's research ideas.
Discusses a subscription, a publication, and the upcoming summer.
Asks Conklin a favor: Whitman will not be able to arrive to Woods Hole when the course starts, and offers Conklin $100 extra pay to replace him.
Talks about some of Conklin's papers' reprints. At this time, Conklin was at Univ. Pa.
Discusses an article Conklin is going to get published by Ginn & Co. and that should appear along with one by Mead.
Wants to know whether Conklin is interested in the offer Whitman made.
Assignment of a bursar to a lab by trustees. Room assignment for summer investigators.
Discusses the time he wants to schedule the lectures, which he says should happen all together so that they can be published in the same journal issue. Morgan's lecture will be on Spallanzani.
Talks about some events and says that he hopes Montgomery can participate.
Comments on Bumpus, Mead, Peck, Montgomery, and others
Announces that he shall explain during the meeting of the Naturalists that he's trying to arrange publications with Ginn & Co.; also discusses Peck's death
Talks about Mead's cytological lectures.
Discusses plans for a meeting as well as some publications.
Thanks Conklin for accepting to come to Woods Hole the upcoming summer.
Talks about a misunderstanding on whom they should offer a position. Mentions Davenport. Position was offered to Dahlgren.
Discusses some of Conklin's papers, including one on the mechanisms on inheritance. He also discusses courses.
Highlights that Conklin had not been responding. Whitman asks suggestions about who should be teaching particular courses.