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Trinkaus, John Phillip - Papers (Restricted)

Letter from Trinkaus thanking Ms. Trifoglio for her previous letter
Letter asking to make changes to manuscript
Letter thanking Trinkaus for his course on developmental biology
Letter asking Trinkaus for a letter of recommendation
Letter to Trink, explaining that the author is sending his comments on Trinkaus's first three chapters of Cells into Organs that he had previously sent to publisher (see next entry for comments).
Letter to Trinkaus updating him about med school
Photocopy of typed document
Anonymous review of first three chapters of the second edition of Cells into Organs.
Letter to Trinkaus about Michael Abercrombie's 70th birthday.
Letter addressed to "Shelly," about Trinkaus sending a $500 check to the MBL to help support young investigators.
Letter to Trinkaus about his paper on movement of deep cells in Fundulus during the gastrula stages