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Discusses people's salaries at MBL; also some of the stress he (Whitman) has been under
Discusses a conversation he had with Harper and says he feels out of the world after missing one summer at Woods Hole, now that Carnegie took over.
Says he will eventually announce certain plans he has in mind.
Says he has secured two journals: Journal of Morphology and Journal of Biology.
He says he wants to be in Woods Hole again during the upcoming summer. "Wood's Hole is the only place that seems like home to me."
Says they should all help Miss Steele.
Thanks Conklin for the invitation to participate into the embryological section and says "you have forgotten how disloyal I am to embryology."
Invites Conklin over for the last time to his new place. He says "everything hangs on you, Morgan, and Wilson."
Whitman reports to Conklin that Walter Sonneberg wrote him a few times to discuss evolution. Whitman hypothesizes Sonneberg is looking for evidence to invalidate evolution and Whitman says he must be "a believer in Revelation."
Discusses various publications.
Asks Conklin whether he and others plan to support the Journal to be published under Ginn & Co.
Says he won't be able to attend the meeting of the American Philosophical Society. Then talks about summer 1903 at Woods Hole.
Reports about the letter he mailed to Wilson and Morgan, in which he says that the individuality of the MBL is sacred.
Whitman replies to Conklin saying that he thinks his plan of delaying the vote won't guarantee unanimity.
Talks about a reply to the communication from the Carnegie Committee. Whitman hopes for Conklin's approval.
Talks about correspondence with Macfarlane.
Talks about an upcoming meeting and what his positions are in respect to the future of the MBL. He states it should remain independent.
Talks about MacFarlane's course and some edits to incorporate into some text.
Announces that he will visit Conklin in Philadelphia and states arrival date.
Whitman asks Conklin when he is planning to go to Woods Hole for the summer, as students including Lillie have already arrived.
Whitman wanting to know if Lillie will come to MBL.
Whitman offers advice and recommendations about courses and students.