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Huettner, Alfred - Photo Collection

The ship was a sub-chaser converted into a fishing boat c. 1921. Photo 1930 Sam Cahoon's dock
Lillian Morgan
Woods Hole railroad depot - 1930. Satchel bag in foreground for carrying glass pint bottles of Drosophila flies to Columbia University for continuing research. Mary Huettner, Richard and Robert Huettner in foreground near satchel.
Richard Huettner, son of the photographer, standing in the doorway of the Bell Tower, 1930
MBL from across Eel Pond. The large brick building to the right is comprised of Crane and Lillie and immediately to the left is the Supply House with the Candle House behind. Taken in the early 1930's
Unidentified woman in a Webster House Garden - 1920's
The Crowell sisters at the MBL Business (?) Office
Thomas Hunt Morgan portrait
Surf Drive in the area of today's Oyster Pond Road intersection. Oyster Pond in background
Water Street and MBL Street
Wedding - Lancefield Johnson Schrader