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Huettner, Alfred - Photo Collection

Nobska Point, looking west
Coal dock Woods Hole
The "Columbia Gang" dining with Pithecanthropus. c 1920
E.B. Wilson portrait with glasses
Pitching horseshoes outside Old Main - 1928. After the last class of the day, groups would meet behind Old Main for a few hours of this popular sport.
Thomas Hunt Morgan, children & friends at the Grand Central Station in New York City waiting for train to Woods Hole
Collecting. Mary Huettner and Alfred Huettner
Lillian and Isabel Morgan holding a chicken
Richard (L) and Robert (R) Huettner in front of the locomotive that would terminate in New York City - 1930 (note oil tank car in rear).
Packing off on a research expedition
MBL Street Old Main and Botany Buildings
Mary R. Huettner - Woods Hole