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Huettner, Alfred - Photo Collection

Dr. Alfred H. Sturtevant collecting
Fisheries building
Richard Huettner, son of the photographer, standing in the doorway of the Bell Tower, 1930
Dr. E. B. Wilson - 1929 Richard (L) and Robert (R) Huettner. Photographed in rear of Crane Building. Wison was using crutches as he suffered from severe arthritis in his later life
Pitching horseshoes behind Old Main. EE Just (left) and Donald Lancefield
Woods Hole Harbor
TH Morgan, EB Wilson and others on rocky beach having a picnic. Morgan in center, Wilson on right with teacup.
Robert Huettner with Dr. and Mrs. William P. Procter on the MBL dock with RV Cayadetta at dock. Proctor was wearing an arm band as he was in mourning for his mother.
Student housing (High Street?) 1916
Main Street Falmouth c 1930
E.E. Just playing horseshoes, Donald Lancefield behind. Unknown to left